Well, hello there! I originally had a long essay full of important, revelatory stuff about food and why it’s so important to me and why I’m perpetually on a diet but it’s all gone now so I’m just going to continue waffling, which is what I seem to do best.

My name’s Amanda and I’m a full-time pharmacy student in SingaporeNow, if you have to know one thing about Singapore, it’s basically this: forget all those jokes about us being an authoritarian, ‘fine’ state where you can’t chew gum (you can, actually) – Singapore is a glorious country for food, food and more food. One of the best parts about living in a multi-cultural, globalised city-state (oh, dear Lord, I am beginning to sound like a government-sponsored tourism advert) is that you can find all sorts of cuisines and food in Singapore. My dad, in particular, has this habit of finding where the best restaurants and hawker stalls in Singapore are and drags us all over the island in search of good food. My mother, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic cook and baker and I’ve got plenty of childhood memories of her making cakes and pastries in the kitchen.

I haven’t been cooking for long, honestly; I just started a couple of months ago, when I decided that well, I’ve really got to learn how to start cooking properly because it’s probably something I would love (I do). The first thing I noticed about cooking and baking is that it’s really very, very similar to compounding medicines in a pharmacy (alright, it’s something that I’ve known for quite a while, but it’s nice to find similarities between your hobbies and what you actually have to do in school); it’s a lot easier if you’re organised and know what on earth is going on in the first place. And it’s really similar, the way you mix stuff together and get a product at the end that’s supposed to make you feel better. Besides, baking is all about chemical reactions anyway.

And that’s why this blog is called “Alchemy & Salt”, really. Cooking is like a form of alchemy, and alchemy is what I do (or will do, barring any disasters) for a living. And, yea, salt as in table salt and salt compounds… alright, that’s probably getting too lame/geeky. Never mind. So yes, this blog is basically me sharing what I do in the kitchen and what I love to cook. C’est tout.

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